Be Inspired

Across the city, our greenways have meant so much to Nashvillians. Read just a few of our favorite stories of Nashvillians who have benefitted form our cities greenways, and get inspired to go out and explore them yourself.


Natasha DeanMy Greenway Story – Natasha Deane
Greenways have helped Natasha get to know Nashville again! With the goal of walking every Nashville greenway, she and her husband recently explored the Cumberland River Greenway from Morgan Park to downtown and found it a wonderful and eye-opening experience, seeing sights they’d never seen before.  With over 80 miles of greenway, she’s looking forward to exploring all of them this year.



Pete WootenMy Greenway Story – Pete Wooten
When Pete moved back to Nashville, he and his family chose to settle in the Richland Creek neighborhood, in part because of proximity to the greenway. His involvement in the Richland Creek Run as a Course Marshall led him to involve his company and their wellness program in the greenways initiative.  Pete recalls one early morning memory of  Richland Creek, thick with fog and beautifully lit by the moon as a wonderfully serene experience that helped him appreciate the natural beauty of the greenways. Pete has also become involved in the intersection of transit/congestion relief and greenways, serving on the Nashville Chamber’s  “Moving Forward: Transit Solutions for Our Region.”



Sharon KippMy Greenway Story – Sharon Kipp
As a realtor in the Donelson area, Sharon initially had trouble selling homes on the greenway because people were scared of the proximity. That was 20 years ago, and now, people are clamoring for homes near greenways and parks.  In fact, having a greenway nearby is a big selling point, increasing property values by 3-10%!  Sharon grew up in the country and has always been a steadfast advocate for greenways and open space. She believes that greenways are essential to a great city.





Cindy HarrisonMy Greenway Story – Cindy Harrison
Cindy’s greenway story goes all the way back to a college paper in which she researched Baltimore’s greenways and waterfront. When she moved back to her home in Huntsville, AL, she worked on the development of their very first greenway. From there, she worked in the parks department in Chattanooga, continuing open space preservation and greenways development there. She has continued working in this field, following her passion and making greenway connections in Nashville as Project Manager for the Metro Parks Greenway Division.