The Greenways Connection Challenge

Watch the video below for instructions about participating in The Greenways Connection Challenge, featuring a little help from greenway supporters Sherry and Mark Deutschmann.

Stay tuned to our social media  for more videos of greenway fans taking part in The Greenways Connection Challenge.



Over the past few months you’ve most likely seen lots of new faces on the greenways, as our beautiful linear parks have been the perfect places to safely get out of the house and enjoy the outdoors.

And this fall, we’re celebrating community connections on Nashville’s Greenways, by inviting you to re-connect with the people you’ve been most accustomed to seeing.

Here’s how you can participate in The Greenways Connection Challenge:

  1. Pick a Greenway
  2. Invite a buddy in your COVID-safe bubble to take a walk with you
  3. Choose some or all of the questions from our list, or make up your own
  4. Take turns asking those questions to each other
  5. At the end of your walk, take a photo of you and your buddy, post it online, and tag @greenwaysfornashville
  6. In your post, include what greenway you were on, and share something you learned about your buddy

Throughout the fall, we’ll be featuring your connections on social media, and after Thanksgiving, we’ll award prizes to a few of our favorites.

Take advantage of the beautiful fall weather, and enjoy connecting on our spectacular greenways.