The Greenways and Open Space Commission

The Greenways and Open Space Commission of Metro Parks is charged with the planning and development of greenways throughout Nashville. The Commission was established in 1992 to be advisory to the Metropolitan Board of Parks and Recreation. It is comprised of seven Mayor-appointed citizens, four Metro Council members, and representatives of the Park Board, Planning Commission, Metropolitan Development & Housing Agency, and Public Works Department. The Commission is served by Metro Parks staff members.

Citizen Representatives
Ann Tidwell, Chair
Brenda Gilmore
Charles Sueing
Grant Winrow
Jeanie Nelson

John Norris
Mark Deutschmann

Tyler Yarbro

Council Representatives
John Cooper
Kathleen Murphy
Keven Rhoten
Colby Sledge

Metro Government and Department Representatives-Ex Officio
Monique Odom, Director of Parks
Peter Bird, Planning
Stan Fossick, Park Board
Mary Beth Ikard, Mayor’s Office
Tom Palko, Water Services
Jason Radinger, Public Works

Cindy Harrison, Director, Greenways and Open Space Division