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Explore Nashville’s nearly 100 miles of paved, multi-use greenways!

About The Map

The double-sided Nashville’s Greenways map highlights nearly 100 miles of paved, multi-use greenways. On the “Nashville Closer-In” side of the map, explore our urban core greenways, including the City Central Greenway System, and street-side protected bike routes.  The “Nashville Farther-Out” side of the map takes you beyond Downtown and presents the entire Davidson County greenway system and many of Nashville’s amazing parks.

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View/Download Nashville's Greenways Map

Click here to view/download the Nashville’s Greenways Map, featuring nearly 100 miles of paved, multi-use greenways, 75 miles of unpaved park trails, and street-side protected bike routes.

Individual Maps

Looking for a specific greenway trail? Click here to view the individual trail maps we supply. You can select your park/greenway to discover mileage, trailhead addresses, and download a PDF of the individual trail map.

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